Jun. 03. 2015

Picture sizing

Select the relevant part of your picture. Only this will be stored to keep file sizes small.
All pictures that get uploaded should have at least the size the resulting slider will have at the end.
Otherwise pictures get scaled (blown up) what will cause quality issues. If the pictures are larger, downsizing causes no qualit problems.
Also the pictures do not have to be in the correct width to high ratio, since you are able to cut them on the server.

After upload and sectioning the system will inform you if it was nessecary to upscale a picture-section.

By the way, you have also the possibility to rotate a picture if necessary. Have a look to the top of the image here on the site. There is a green pull down menu to select a value for rotating a picture.

Therefore this signs have the meaning as follows:
This picture is in a good ratio and there where no negative effects in scaling.
This picture was blown up a little bit, but quality might be still ok.
This picture got scaled up dramatically, and there will be some quality issues. Maybe it's better to delete it and choose another one.
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Comment from Simmi on Mon. Feb. 05. 2018
I like the way pictures get scaled, also that only parts of a picture can be selected. This is a nice feature and I haven't seen that anywhere else. Keep up the good work guys!
Comment from akash on Sun. Feb. 19. 2017
thanks a lot god bless u!
this site is very useful and easy to use
very nice

💬 Answer from admin... Thanks, you're welcome :)
Comment from sahaja on Wed. Nov. 30. 2016