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Comment from Ölgren, on Dec. 31. 2017
It's a good slideshow but:
After I made the slideshow I cannot change the size to make it better fitting to my website. Can you please change or make this possible?

💬 Answer from admin... Thanks for your criticism Ölgren! It would be possible to change the slideshow maker accordingly, but unfortunately this does not fit to the main idea what is to have as small filesizes as possible.
All the images you use have to be uploaded to scale and cut them that only the relevant part in the relevant size remain. Thus you have to know the required size first of all.
If you need your slideshow in another size, why not making a new one? It's free and it's done in a very short time. I think this is the better way because you keep filesizes small and have a quicker website.

Comment from Rex, on Mar. 17. 2017
One slideshow in my website works well. But two? Impossible. The original show layout changes while the second (the newest) does not show the slides at all.

💬 Answer from admin... Shit... but thanks for your input Rex! I never recognized this but I will work on that!

💬 Answer from admin... The problem is solved! Thanks again Rex!

Comment from George, on Jul. 28. 2016
When I open the HTML document, there is no code. How do I get the code to paste to my site? Respond to

💬 Answer from admin... I'm very sorry, there was a problem which is solved now!

Comment from preeti, on Jan. 01. 1970
no add music?????

💬 Answer from admin... I'm sorry, music can't be added. But to me the sense of adding music is neither clear, why not adding the music to the website?


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First choose the size for your slideshow
x px, than upload a picture