Dec. 31. 2017


Here is the place for criticism and things users had problems with.
Maybe there is also something you had problems with and you can find help here.
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Comment from Manni Becker Fri. Apr. 26. 2019


ist es möglich 2 oder mehr verschiedene Slider nebeneinander und untereinander zu plazieren mit verschiedenen Bildern
Comment from Edward R. Mon. Oct. 01. 2018

Adding a link ...

It would be ideal, after the last photo is shown, to be able to exit and have a link to a web page.
Comment from Harley Sat. Aug. 04. 2018

Doulble sliders!

I'm trying to put "two" image slide shows on my webpage next to each other
<center of page>{slide show} space space space space {slide show}<center of page>
but I am wondering how to do this? So far I have been unsuccessful in doing this.
Any ideas please and thanks? Your Leigh.
Comment from Ron Fairfield - Wed. Jun. 27. 2018


thank you very much this code works brilliantly. Been looking for a simple html way to create a slideshow and this is it. One question is there any way to change the transition to fade in fade out from one slide to the next. I am happy with it just wondered if there is a way of changing this?

Thanks again

Ron Fairfield
Comment from Eddie Fri. Mar. 16. 2018
Is there any way to prevent the photos being scaled up because this is making them too big for my web pages? Apart from this issue I really like the simplicity of this program.

When the code page is opened only the first photo is displayed, not the HTML code,(I am browsing with Firefox) but I found that by going to Tools, Web Developer, Page Source, then I was able to view the HTML code.

πŸ’¬ Answer from admin... Hi Eddie, pictures get always scaled to the size you enter to the box before you start with the upload of your files. I added a little explanation with an image at the top of this page:
I hope this makes it clear.
Regards, Gerd
Comment from Catherine Fri. Feb. 23. 2018
i agree the program is very nice but there is no way you can place the images to come up on positive positioning plus if i want to add further images to the ones i already have i have to restart all over again. this makes it quite useless really sorry
EG: if i have 12 images then late on i want to add more images i need to redo them all again

πŸ’¬ Answer from admin... Hi again Catherine! It seams you got it to work finally, I'm happy to read that.
Your criticism is correct. Unfortunately there is no way to add further pictures once you completed a slideshow. I'm sorry for that, but there are some calculations in the background which affect the resulting HTML code. This means with a higher or lower number of pictures the code has to be different and therefore this cannot work.
There might be better solutions on the internet who can handle that, I don't know, but I don't have them.
You can exchange the pictures at any time, but if you want to change the number of pictures you are right. In that case you have to redo the hole process.
Comment from catherine orourke Fri. Feb. 23. 2018
Once i put it on my site it does not work make it only shows a blank screen image i used the 125 x 125 NO code to show on website my friend downloaded zip file and nothing in it but the banners
its a great idea it just doesn't work.. plus you should have it that we can add more banners to the slideshow without having to re-start.

πŸ’¬ Answer from admin... Dear Catherine, to me it sounds that you haven't unzipped the file and tried to start the “code.html” directly out of the zipped container. In that case it comes to the situation you describe.
Please unzip the file first and than start the code.html!
Comment from Γ–lgren Sun. Dec. 31. 2017
It's a good slideshow but:
After I made the slideshow I cannot change the size to make it better fitting to my website. Can you please change or make this possible?

πŸ’¬ Answer from admin... Thanks for your criticism Ölgren! It would be possible to change the slideshow maker accordingly, but unfortunately this does not fit to the main idea what is to have as small filesizes as possible.
All the images you use have to be uploaded to scale and cut them that only the relevant part in the relevant size remain. Thus you have to know the required size first of all.
If you need your slideshow in another size, why not making a new one? It's free and it's done in a very short time. I think this is the better way because you keep filesizes small and have a quicker website.
Comment from Rex Fri. Mar. 17. 2017
One slideshow in my website works well. But two? Impossible. The original show layout changes while the second (the newest) does not show the slides at all.

πŸ’¬ Answer from admin... Shit... but thanks for your input Rex! I never recognized this but I will work on that!

πŸ’¬ Answer from admin... The problem is solved! Thanks again Rex!
Comment from George Thu. Jul. 28. 2016
When I open the HTML document, there is no code. How do I get the code to paste to my site? Respond to

πŸ’¬ Answer from admin... I'm very sorry, there was a problem which is solved now!
Comment from preeti Thu. Jan. 01. 1970
no add music?????

πŸ’¬ Answer from admin... I'm sorry, music can't be added. But to me the sense of adding music is neither clear, why not adding the music to the website?