Feb. 04. 2018

Download and use

How to download your slider?

After you have uploaded at least 3 pictures, the button appears.

Save the slideshow.
This leads you directly to the final product page where you will be able to do some further adjustments to the slider and also download the slideshow to your computer for further use.
Just click onto the download disc on the right, directly below your slider.

The ZIP-file

You'll receive a ZIP folder as follows...
You'll receive a ZIP-file, including a folder with your scaled pictures called 123-slideshow and furthermore a file called "code.html".
Just upload the folder with the pictures to your webspace and copy and paste the content of the code.html to HTML-code of your website.
Please make sure you paste it to the position where you want the slideshow to appear on your website. Thats it :-)

Possible issues...

If your pathes are not correct, check them here.
If you have HTML access to your file this should work absolutely problem free!!!

The only thing that might happen is a wrong path to your pictures in case of intricate structures.

In case of non appearing pictures please check the paths in the HTML-code. This is very easy, just look at the picture with the 4 red arrows.

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Comment from Drew on Sat. Feb. 10. 2018
Does this work with host gator website builder? I tried pasting the code in it and the application seems to be working because I see things moving around but the pictures are not showing up.

💬 Answer from admin... Hi Drew, I don't know gator website builder. But since you see things moving around it seams to work but you didn't upload the folder (123-slideshow in the zip file) with your pictures to your webspace at gator. Am I right?
Please upload that and make sure the path to the picture folder is correct. Than it will work!
Comment from Rex on Fri. Mar. 17. 2017
One slideshow in my website works well. But two? Impossible. The original show layout changes while the second (the newest) does not show the slides at all.

💬 Answer from admin... Shit... but thanks for your input Rex! I never recognized this but I will work on that!

💬 Answer from admin... The problem is solved! Thanks again Rex!
Comment from preeti on Fri. Jan. 13. 2017
no add music?????

💬 Answer from admin... I'm sorry, music can't be added. But to me the sense of adding music is neither clear, why not adding the music to the website?