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It's always good to know what users think. Therefore this feedback section was established. Write here if you like it or not and what could be better. Since this website is a just for fun project not each wish can become true, but if things are feasible in a expenditure of time, why not?

Comment from James Tennet, on Jan. 02. 2018
This is a lovely little slideshow creator and an absolute lifesaver. We used to use a site called slideroll.com which suddenly, on Jan 1st and with no warning, ceased to be. At least this exists on the website in its entirety and even if your site goes away it will continue to run.
Thank you for being there.

💬 Answer from admin... You are welcome James!
Yes, these are stand-alone slideshows and they don't need a conection to this server. They will run even if this site goes down :)

Comment from papu baruah, on Oct. 30. 2016
this slideshow is the best. lovly slideshow!

Comment from Lucas, on Sep. 24. 2016
This is good for slideshows for free

Comment from SRIMANTA, on Jun. 20. 2016

Comment from Ericwiseman , on May. 12. 2016
Nice work guys I give you 10/10 this is helpful

Comment from Tim, on Feb. 01. 2016
This is a great tool! It makes the process easy, and to install the created slideshow is also very easy.

This ease-of-use is the sign of great programming, and the fact that it is free shows great generosity.

My thanks to the programmer--great work!

💬 Answer from admin... You're welcome Tim! Your words make me realy happy :)

Comment from Karina, on Jan. 21. 2016
This gave me a easy slideshow.

💬 Answer from admin... Thanks Karina, good to hear that :)

Comment from CSR, on Jan. 01. 1970
Thank you so much for this program, it is a life saver


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